Visualization Types for Designers, Architects, Realtors, and Developers

Visualization Types for Designers, Architects, Realtors, and Developers

Visualization Types for Designers, Architects, Realtors, and Developers

Whether you’re in the interior design industry or the real estate industry, you know it takes an effort to acquire clients in these competitive markets. However, you probably still feel that your efforts can produce better results. And if that’s true, you’ve come to the right place! With professional interior decorating services, you can achieve incredibly atmospheric and photorealistic CGIs that will enhance your marketing game and simplify your presentations. This way you can order more projects as a designer or get more clients as a real estate agent. And if you are a developer, you can expect faster sales.

You don’t need to hire your own 3D artist to get quality CGI services. You can simply entrust this task to a professional architectural visualization studio. The only thing you need to know is which CG service is best for you. In this article, you will learn about 4 types of 3D images that will help you deliver and promote your offers more successfully. Check!


# 1. Still 3D rendering

This type of visual interior decoration is a universal resource for designers, brokers and developers. As in the image above, this is a fully photorealistic representation of the concept that has yet to be implemented. But 3D rendering is great for any marketing channel, including websites, social media, emails. mail and announcements. And of course, it has become almost indispensable for project submissions and portfolio entries.

In general, interior visualization services allow the viewer to convey all aspects of their design. And in the case of real estate, they can be combined with virtual hosting, which helps potential customers see the full potential of the property for sale.


# 2. CG Walkthrough

You can also get CG videos – 3D Walkthrough with the help of interior viewing services. They are ideal for both real estate ads and concept designer presentations. With this type of CGI, you can expand your expression by adding special effects, soundtracks, and voice transcripts. This is especially useful for expensive and luxurious projects that need to impress discerning clients or investors.


# 3. 3D virtual tour

When it comes to presale properties, 3D virtual travel is the best type of CGI. With 3D rendering services, you can get those ultra realistic and virtually staged interactive images that will stay potential buyers on your site for hours. This is because 3D tours allow prospects to view every corner of the location as much as they want at any time. It’s basically private browsing, accessible 24/7 without going anywhere.

# 4. VR experience

Of all the interior design services, VR production is the most extravagant. In the real estate context, the virtual reality experience is the same as a 3D trip, but it is much more immersive. However, its production and use are certainly more expensive, which makes it much less common.

Some real estate agents, who work primarily with luxury properties, use virtual reality to deliver offers directly to their offices. This way, their customers can walk around the office and see all the details as if they were actually attending an open day. It goes without saying that in the case of prestigious properties this investment really pays off.




Now you know exactly what you can get from professional design services. We hope you found this article useful and inspiring. After all, when it comes to using high-quality 3D images for design presentations or real estate ads, the benefits are nothing else.

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