VR is a 3D rendered simulation of an environment that can be experienced and interacted with in a seemingly real way. With the development of incredible technology in recent years, virtual reality has become the ultimate in marketing experiences. It provides the viewer with an unprecedented look into an un-built world.
A new level of interactivity was born with virtual reality, where the user finds himself in a completely virtual world. From just looking around over walking around to manually interfering, customizing, and configuring. This level of interactivity can make an experience so powerful and meaningful, choosing the right interactivity and possibilities is therefore vitally important. It creates a bond between a brand and its customer, a product and it’s the buyer.
VR can tell the story in a way that was unseen before. It lets to showcase & sells, it allows us to support the sales process, helps to demonstrate and evaluate the different options available at the time of choosing the property, interior design, or product, as well as in the detail of all the aesthetic and construction elements, from finishes to furnishings.
It demonstrates the real functionality, comfort, costs, and benefits determined by a single decision, thanks to our system of dynamic interaction. The customer can enter these virtual environments (participatory and interactive) and can directly express preferences and interests, which translate into immediate changes to the environment he is exploring.


Accurate represedcdntation

This can get an accurate representation of size, perspective, natural lighting, as well as many other aspects of a given space, and help a client give more direct and meaningful input during the pre-visualization stage. Such projects enable the client to estimate a particular zone in terms of convenience and individual preference as much as possible.

Helping to decide

In real estate, a client can determine how a condo unit looks and feels during pre-construction, and help them decide if they need a condo unit larger or smaller before ever purchasing. They can customize things such as flooring or countertops in virtual reality before making a purchase. Walking around a condo allows the client to get a

Enable the client to estimate

This can be used for existing condo resales as the potential buyer does not need to be physically there to see it. These concepts can be applied to any of the furniture & fixture of finishing materials, carpets, furniture, lighting manufacturers, so interactive projects facilitate sales for big manufacturers and make it easier and cheaper to demonstrate products for potential buyers.

Saving money and time

VR gives customers a way to effectively see the inner workings of a product while saving money and time. In the classic version of showrooms, there is no possibility to visualize the size, to play with colors, textiles, materials, accessories, and paintings, while interactive solutions make it all possible

It lets open showrooms

It lets open multiple showrooms in so many cities with just one headset and a computer. Don't need to carry all the samples and inventory, no need to rent a large space and pay crazy bills. TV & YOUTUBE CHANNELS can save money on costly studio productions.

The fully immersive technology

The fully immersive technology-based VR devices enable users to feel the virtual environment in a realistic way. Head-mounted displays (HMD) or VR goggles offer a fully immersive virtual reality environment.

Responds to the user’s actions

In this technology, the virtual environment responds to the user’s actions. A user, once equipped with HMDs and other headsets, is virtually isolated and is unable to respond to any activities or actions in the real environment.




The WebVR Device API provides access to input (pose information from headset and controllers) and output (hardware display) capabilities associated with Virtual Reality (VR). It allows you to develop and host VR experiences on the web.

Mobile VR

Lets to enable VR by providing pose information and allowing the WebGL scene to be rendered side by side to be placed in a headset like the Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream.


The most immersive experience type available. Immersive means the user can explore everything in the most realistic way available and which allows for the maximum amount of interactivity using Valve Index or Oculus Rift S and other VR headsets.


Today, there are a wide variety of VR systems available to the average consumer. Virtual reality offers an immersive experience for hardcore gaming enthusiasts, but your PC might require updates in order to support your VR system. VR compatibility will depend on the specifications of your CPU, GPU, RAM, hard drive, and other core components.


Real-Time 3D

3D models, not photos, in real-time. Move through the VR space, look under the table and over the window. Experience true stereo depth.

Web, Mobile and/or PC VR

VR can be delivered to many platforms in various formats. Each has its own advantages and limitations. We deploy to all of them.


Description (Social medial; Control menu; PC screen; VR; Plans; Stills - sliding control and back key; Animation)

Custom Interactions and UI

We are not just artists but coders too. We build our UX and interactions to match your story and audience. No templates. No limitations.

Multi-user Setups

VR doesn't have to be an isolating experience. Sometimes it makes sense to have multiple users experience the same space together.

VR commands

3D configurations command (Automatic door opening; Set sunlight; Automatic stairway plan; Choose materials; Floor; Wall; Ceiling; Customize furniture; Rotate; Transfer to left / right, up and down; The furniture/fixture shaped; Zoom In-out, Fullscreen and 360 Camera; Turn off / on options)

Analytics Integration

Do you plan to demo the VR experience to a large number of people. Or perhaps you want to test design scenarios. We can track anything in VR.

VR control

Headset option with Touch Controllers In VR you get the same features as an interactive walkthrough, the difference being the way in which the user interface reacts and the way the user moves in the 3D scene. VR users wear virtual reality glasses (Headset).

PC control

Screen control whit keyboard or mouse

From CAD/BIM or from Plans

We are architects and 3D artists. We work from what you can offer, 2D plans or 3D models or just plain references.



A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of videos or still images. The 360 virtual tours are a way to show 360 panoramas of a group of different small spaces. And the program enables users to preview 360 panoramas with its in-built viewer. Also, you can create a remote 360 meeting, tour, and presentation online. You control the narrative and the visual. With the addition of embedded digital content built or unbuilt.

360 Imagery and Photography offers the user an experience that far exceeds that of just standard photography or a walkthrough. 360 virtual tours allow the user to see exactly what they want, giving them complete control over the whole viewing process.

We believe that Pixel Streaming is the future of architectural presentations, commercial interior pitches & online manufacturers showrooms. A web-based real-time presentation platform follows in the footsteps of Apples ‘Arcade‘ and Googles ‘Stadia‘ and illustrates the future of real-time 3D and online immersive entertainment.

Suitable for:

  • Architects & interior designers
  • Real estate developers
  • Chained-brand hotel companies
  • Homeowners


The program with VR only works with Microsoft Windows operating system. You can test the app on your PC using the keyboard/mouse or a virtual reality headsets with controls. Compatible with: Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, Vive, Google Cardboard, VR Box. Remember, for the best experience, make sure your software meets the minimum system requirements.


This can be used to present a product (with any kind of infographics) or architectural design (with any kind of configurator). We offer a single online platform where you can store all project products made using the latest technology so stakeholders can observe, experience, and live in space.

This is a great way to explore and present a space that does not yet exist. Allows clients to directly interact with the 3D Model unlike Regular Walkthrough as well as virtually experience the 3D space. Interactive Walkthrough is a more engaging way of Product Promotion today.

The Realtime Walkthrough is a special viewing mode that allows you to walk around your landscape as you would in reality. While in the walkthrough, moving water, snow, people, pets, realistic lighting, shadows, animated birds and butterflies, and other effects are available. The project is based on motion detection which is interacted with a virtual 3D walkthrough in the real environment.

The full package includes:

  • Still CGI’s
  • Cinematic Clip (motion)
  • Recorded Walkthrough
  • Live interactive walkthrough – PC
  • Architecture Plans

Suitable for:

  • Architects & interior designers
  • Contractors
  • Real estate developers
  • Furnishing manufacturers & retailers
  • Chained-brand hotel companies
  • Homeowners & homebuyers


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