Interactive Applications

Interactive Applications


It is the tool for a unique sales experience for both the customer and the seller. Fully interactive, very user-friendly, a completely unique method for presenting a complex mixed-use development and enables the user to take a virtual tour through the proposed project or product, displaying a comprehensive volume of information including graphics, images, videos, animations and text.
Interactive 3D apps are based on the use of 3D graphic engines -such as Unity 3D- and allow the user to browse through a virtual world or visualize objects in which colour, form, or texture are modified in real-time.
The company develops a 3D application for all interactive multi-touch screens technologies. It helps to sell, present real estate projects and products.
We are a partner with some multi-touch screen technology vendors who offer superior quality, luxury style, and functionality. We want to make real estate and furnishing sales simpler and faster, mutually beneficial to consumers and the real estate and furnishing market.


Helps to sell

Helps the project developers and the sales departments with the sale of real estate projects. It is the ultimate selling tool for effectively communicating a development, as it enables the user to navigate around a 3D Model of the entire project.

Helps boost the revenues

Helps empower sales with a cutting-edge cross-platform tool suitable for the digital age. Many real estate agencies or retailers introduce an advanced app to facilitate their customers and boost the revenues for their business growth.

Inspires confidence

Not only can they demonstrate what a design will look like; it inspires confidence and credibility by enabling the user to touch, view, enter and experience a realistic visualization of the design.

Helps to engage the user

Showcase all sales & marketing content, by combining traditional CGI images, animations and 3D models, together with unique interactive technologies, creates a virtual representation of a design that engages the user.

Easy to understand

By contextualizing the ideas and styles in design enables the user to quickly understand, and visualize the scheme and a complex development

The easiest way

The easiest way to create interactive 3D presentations for real estate developers and brokers.

Increases the reliability

Customer interaction is something that keeps a great importance for every business. And sales applications are capable of letting businesses do it easily. It not only increases the demand for your services but also increases the reliability of your brand.

Easy to present

Could be used on Personal Computer Mobile Devices on PC and mobile phones, whenever. Many smartphone users switch to custom-built real estate apps, to search, choose, and buy their dream homes.


Web Based

Web pages are the best way to ensure your content will be visible everywhere, every time!


Enjoy App as never before with easy to find any mobile phone.


Works on any desktop as long as it has a web-browser

Touch screens

Run it in big touch screens for showrooms, fairs and expos.



It’s crucial for large-scale residential property development projects to secure forward sales. In an industry that is as competitive and with such high stakes as property, developers need to exhibit their upcoming projects in a way that excites prospective buyers years before the works are even finished.

An interactive digital experience that showcases all aspects of the development on a touch screen and could be integrated with the CRM system.

An innovative application that replaced traditional mockups brings the salesman’s conversation with the customer to another level. Powering business of the future is a cutting edge real estate marketing and presentation software built to meet the needs of property industry players. The interactive 3D application boasts of incredible versatility, extensibility and performance.

Suitable for:

  • Architects & interior designers
  • Real estate developers
  • Chained-brand hotel companies
  • Homeowners & Homebuyers


Share and engage

Application presentations allow buyers to explore houses and offices for sale or rent from their home, a fair or a showroom on a big touchscreen.

Price list

Look at the unit that you want and see it’s price and availability in real-time, as well as specifications: bedrooms, baths, area all the information in one simple list, quick and easy to understand by your team and buyers.

Google Maps

Buildings in the investment's surroundings and interesting places in the surrounding area based on Google Maps. Points of interest information (Transportation; Gastronomy; Entertainment; Shopping; Supermarkets; Healthcare; Education).

360° views

Immerse your buyers in the space and let them fall in love with your project as they navigate high definition 360 images of interiors and exteriors. Interactive 360° discovery.

Centralize your marketing

All information in one place and up to date. Interactive search engine for flats on the basis of predefined criteria.

Renderings and images

Gallery images included: interior and exterior renderings, drone view. Panoramic drone shots are to let customers can experience the actual view from their unit of choice.

Client interaction

Interactive buildings. Engage your clients by bringing them a 3D user experience as an availability, select unity, comparing flats, different weather, video presentation and more.

Daytime and nighttime visualization

Simulate the light exposure on any preferred unit during every hour of the day. Morning / afternoon / evening / night mode


Your project is photo-realistically embedded into a real-life 3D environment more detailed than average Google Earth satellite imagery.

2D|3D floorplans

Explore the entire building with all floorplans in incredible live 2D/3D. A 2D view of the flat card for all residential units and a 3D view of the flat with furniture for all residential units. Apartment floor plan (Different layouts; Measurements; 3D floor plan).

Printing and sending flat layouts by email

Add favourites. Allow your customers to review their favourite units at home, on their own time, with friends and family.

Language options

Project description into different languages like features and finishes, transit route, recreation, amenities.

CRM integration

Real estate CRM integration will aid in building and later on improving your customer's relationships. This also removes the risk of duplicate bookings and duplicate deposits.

Remotely present

Remotely present interactive virtual open homes of off-the-plan property to anyone, anywhere with web browser. Engage homebuyers through touchscreen, mobile or virtual reality.

Presentation style

The application works on a high-end interactive touch table, multi-touch display, giant video wall, in your mobile gadget or on your company's website


Try our 3D interactive application
Boost your sales process and shorten your sales cycle by 25%.
Present and sell Real Estate in interactive 3D.


Our interactive 3D product configurator allows your customers to easily spin view, build, and customize products to their specifications. This means adding key features, and revising attributes like colour, texture and configuration, all in real-time. Enhance the shopping experience by giving users unprecedented ownership of the product.

Suitable for:

  • Furnishing manufacturers & retailers
  • Interior designer
  • Homeowners & Homebuyers


The customizing

The customizing of the product by preferences, by changing colours, materials or different parts of the product, elements, and options.

A favourite products

The 3D configuration makes it able to store certain products as a favourite.


Cross-platform software is a type of software application that works on multiple operating systems or devices, which are often referred to as platforms. A platform means an operating system such as Windows, Mac OS, Android or iOS.

A webshop

It could be the 3D application as part of a webshop or ordering system, to directly purchase the product.

The sharing of designs

The sharing of designs and customizable features with other users One step on line configuration that makes a really complex business very user-friendly, dynamic and customizable.

Choose a product category

Choose a product category, subcategory, collection, model, elements, composition, covering, details, accessories, also can see the retail price, save the configuration.


On any kind of device that can run a modern browser

Presentation style

The application works on a high-end interactive touch table, multi-touch display, giant video wall, in your mobile gadget or on your company's website

Remotely present

Remotely present interactive virtual open homes of off-the-plan property to anyone, anywhere with web browser. Engage homebuyers through touchscreen, mobile or virtual reality.


Try our 3D Kitchen Configurator.
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